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The NAILBITER Platform comprises many technology products with 2 broad uses;


PTM is a complete panel and survey management solution for video.

Consumer Apps recruit & maintain panel as well as allow them to complete video surveys and projects.


Annotator converts consumer videos into raw data. 

Analyzer processes raw data into brand metrics

In-Store Product Tracking

Most product decisions are made in-store. Video is uniquely capable of capturing the product decision as its happening. The decision is observed and not reliant on recall. This generates video metrics to measure brands and products in store. New products & brand/pack restage can be benchmarked.

Packaging Effectiveness

Captures the First Moment of Truth (FMOT) and impact of Pack design/ structure the purchase decision

Merchandising & Marketing Effectiveness

Unlike traditional marketing mix models, videos can be used to observe real behavior and to see if merchandising or promotional activity influence consumer behavior.

Shopper Insights & Decision Tree

The NAILBITER platform offers shopper insights and shopper marketing professionals a unique way to observe the shopper and uncover unique insights about the shopper decision tree, category shopability, findability, organization and more. Video can also help drive acceptance of the data with retailers

E-Commerce & Omnichannel

Video provides insight that is missing from click-stream or survey data. It allows the researcher to add 3 new dimensions to typical eCommerce projects.
1 .Connects eCommerce and In-store behavior
2. Shopper behavior that doesn’t result in clicks (before the click) can be observed
3. Shopper narration exposes the reasons behind the decisions

Product Usage & Satisfaction

NAILBITER allows efficient quantitative in-home product test. Usage and satisfaction can also be tracked over time

Satisfaction Surveys

Employee, Customer, Academic. Online satisfaction surveys lack depth. Video surveys allow the respondents to express real emotion. They also allow respondents to show the activity or experience. They lower respondent burden resulting in better responses.


NAILBITER insights has uncovered many applications. Partners and customers will find many more…

NAILBITER is making its technology platform available to agencies, market research and other retail-focused companies


  • The only video platform developed exclusively for market research
  • Established methodologies, video metrics and norms
  • Proven track records with top CPG brands
  • Flexible partnership models and pricing
  • Quantitative and global scale
  • Training on methodology and sales assistance available